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Why Us?

We create facilities for companies looking for flexible IT solutions that support business growth and development.



Multifunctionality reduces the time spent on individual tasks, due to the ability to quick exchange documents between departments and integrate with the central office.

The flexibility of the solution allows to create own system. The user decides how the data is presented and the ergonomics of the functionality.

Guarantee of compliance with the law, which allows entrepreneurs to smoothly enter the new reality.

Online architecture allows to work from anywhere because of data located in the icloud.

The Polish brand is open for cooperation and development enabling the introduction of individually defined facilities without waiting for a new software development cycle.

Analyzes, reports and statements are created by the user himself using the integrated module and a wide range of parameters.

B2B and EDI provide more efficient contact with contractors through electronic document exchange and speed up and simplify ordering of goods by your customers. Dialogue allows to support dedicated customers programs (handled by contractors) and a management program administered by your company.

Quick interaction is the result of long-term cooperation and competence of experienced staff, who are at the disposal of contractors.

Marek Skrzypiński

Sławomir Rusajczyk

Spółka Cywilna

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81-874 SOPOT

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