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DIALOG system capabilities

Dialog systems are tailored to the requirements of different market segments.


Check, how we can help simplify your business management processes.

We also operate in the cloud computing!

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Benefits of implementing the ERP Dialog system

  • increasing the level of work organization
  • efficient response to the needs of buyers
  • maintaining balance and financial liquidity
  • maintaining control over the company and process optimization
  • gaining a competitive advantage

By implementing software,
we will transfer your data from the previous system

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Why Dialog?

We create facilities for companies looking for flexible IT solutions that support business growth and development.

Projekt 206 is Dialog, Dialog is:

Dynamic processes
Innovative solutions
Analogous procedures
Logic function
Organization of resources
Guarantee of quality

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cost calculator


You follow the instructions and check the costs of improving your business. 


The changes will not happen by themselves, but they contribute to the development of your business.

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