ERP Dialog software

The ERP DIALOG system is a software streamlining the management of an enterprise and its resources. The system is based on a database that collects information from all activities undertaken in the company. The modular structure of DIALOG ensures the scalability of the system, which translates into more efficient implementation of changes in accordance with the requirements of users.





System characteristics

We create facilities for companies looking for flexible IT solutions supporting the company’s development.

Modular structure

The ERP system has a modular structure, thanks to which you can support selected areas in your company.

One base, many possibilities!

Integration with other systems

System ERP Dialog umożliwia integrację z The ERP Dialog system enables integration with other systems, which contributes to more efficient management of the enterprise and better business decision making. If you want to integrate a given software with Dialog, please contact us.

Banking services

The system can be integrated with many banks, so you can automate many processes.

Transportation service

Efficiently manage the delivery process by integrating the Dialog system with the systems of Raben, DB Schenker or courier companies.

Internet shops

Integration with the store allows you to collect information about products, orders and customers in one place.

Other ERP systems

An example of integration with WF-FAKIR, SAP ERP, CDN KH

Implementation of an ERP class system

Using the Dialog System is possible thanks to three simple steps that will allow you to increase your profits. Our team has repeatedly tested the procedure of increasing the company’s efficiency. A carefully developed strategy enables the avoidance of unnecessary complications and the implementation of the project within a specified period with the use of agreed measures.

Identification of needs

Purpose: To determine how to use the software


Purpose: Complete system startup

System maintenance

Purpose: Adapting the software to the company's development


As part of the software implementation, we transfer data from the previous system to the ERP DIALOG system.

Cost of using the ERP system

The cost of the system depends on the number of licenses and modules needed in your company.

Contact us and tell us your expectations, and we will select the perfect system for you.

Why is it worth choosing the ERP DIALOG system?

  • you will raise the level of work organization
  • you will respond more effectively to customer needs
  • you will keep your balance and financial liquidity
  • you will keep control over the company and process optimization
  • you will gain a competitive advantage

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