Development services

- applications that efficiently process large data sets
- individual IT projects

Installation of the backbone and devices of the computer network

- full installation and configuration of a computer network based on the proposed solutions
- providing relevant documentation containing the network topology and configuration parameters of active devices

Consultations on the development of IT infrastructure:

- design and launch of network services

Consultancy and maintenance in the field of computer networks

- adjusting the hardware and software supporting the local network
- creating the Intranet
- the use of software and devices appropriately selected to the scale of needs, which will enable the reduction of expenditure on equipment and configuration of the computer network by 25% compared to the most frequently proposed solutions
- audits and modernization of operating networks

Adapting the network to the needs of obtaining a security certificate (including AEO):

- computer network review, consultancy in the field of configuration and modernization as well as preparation of documentation needed to obtain a certificate

Development of standards for the use of IT infrastructure based on ITIL standards:

- technical consultancy
- installation and configuration of security systems