Resource management can become simpler and more efficient. Coherent organization of enterprise administration systems enables improvement of work efficiency and, consequently, maximization of profits.

Increasing savings and revenues in the enterprise may become more effective thanks to the use of an ERP class system. The proprietary solutions used in the DIALOG program enable an increase in profits and a more accurate system for monitoring business processes.

Regardless of the sector and size of the enterprise, our partners can use various modules that enable dynamic growth of benefits.


  • Possibility to send the document directly from the system
  • Time savings

Secretariat module

  • More efficient document circulation
  • Better information flow and faster interaction

PrestaShop module

  • More efficient management of products, orders and customer relations
  • Increasing the recognition on the web


  • More effective contact with your customers, e.g. thanks to enabling contractors to place orders on their own, view the status of settlements, check the stages of order fulfillment and access to an individual offer.
  • Solutions for you and your business partners
  • Accelerating the process of managing orders


  • Save time thanks to automatic electronic document exchange with business partners, among others orders, invoices, warehouse documents, etc.
  • More effective contact with contractors encouraging cooperation on a larger scale


  • Improving the quality of customer service and increasing sales
  • More productive division of tasks among employees
  • Easier control of the results of the employed staff

Internet orders

  • Improving the timeliness of deliveries
  • Shortening the time of order fulfillment
  • Easy access to the history of orders placed

Reports and analyzes

  • Identification and minimization of errors or ineffective activities
  • Adjustment of reporting for individual management levels
  • Greater transparency of activities by coordinating the gathering of knowledge about the company


  • Reduce inventory to a minimum delivery cycle
  • Replacing the traditional document flow – electronic
  • Elimination of errors during inventory processes
  • Performance control of warehouse workers

Finance and accounting

  • Obtaining an increase in profitability
  • Increasing the level of accounting control – even by 50%
  • More efficient control of receivables
  • Improvement of financial management in accordance with applicable legal standards


  • Precise planning of deliveries in relation to the demand
  • Acceleration and coordination of processes in the company through their partial automation
  • More effective transport planning and vehicle loading management
  • Improvement of the warehouse release / receipt process


  • Increase in work efficiency
  • Process time reduction – on average by 80%
  • More effective elimination of errors in identifying goods
  • Reduction of labor input


  • More efficient creation of various types of documents
  • Using the Tax Free functionality
  • Conducting more effective settlements
  • Records and turnover of packages

Sales and releases

  • Easier access to all types of documents
  • Save time by automating certain processes

Foreign trade

  • Flexibility of operation and the possibility of a quick reaction to the market
  • Increasing the competitiveness of the enterprise
  • Integration with the systems of the Customs Office
  • Automating the valuation of goods